• January 02, 2020 9:29 AM | Joe Hines (Administrator)

    Happy New Year everyone -- welcome to 1620!

    I am pleased to share that we will not be raising our ticket prices for this year.

    Season Passes through our Wild Apricot site remain at $30 per month. Patreon season pass membership is $32 a month and will be discontinued at the end of 2020, please transfer your membership over if you still have a Patreon.

    However, we still need your help in order to make the finances work out well for us. For those of you who can afford it, please consider a recurring monthly donation of $5 or more. These monies will go towards keeping the cost of tickets down for everyone and in providing for scholarship tickets for those who need a little assistance in affording our tickets. $75 an event is higher than the typical "monthly boffer larp" but far less than most "blockbuster" style events... and when you factor in that we feed you all 5 meals and have snacks and drinks available all the time it is a very reasonable ticket price.

    For those of you who cannot afford to donate extra money regularly there are still ways to help out. If you have a little bit of money that you want to help out with you can take a look at our Amazon wishlist for one off donation items...
    ...but perhaps more importantly you can get the word out to your friends about Lost Colonies and the great experience and wonderful community we have! The best way to ensure that ticket prices can remain where they are is to bring the number of players at our events up! Plus, more people means more fun for everyone!

    Anyway, welcome to 1620 and a new year for Lost Colonies. We hope to see you all at the Governor's Dinner in a few weeks and at our first full weekend event in March!


  • December 04, 2019 10:15 AM | Larry Wile (Administrator)

    [Governor's Dinner] Scripted Characters - Do you want to try out a Lost Colonies event before fully committing? Well, our Governor's Dinner on Saturday, January 25th is a one night event that provides you an option called a Scripted Character. These are pre-generated characters written by Lost Colonies staff with their own goals and motivations for the evening, generally allowing us to introduce new plot or new lore into the game through role-play. If you are interested in giving a Scripted Character a try, please send an email to story@lostcolonieslarp.com with the header SCRIPTED CHARACTER. We'll get back in touch with you soon after to work out the details.

  • November 18, 2019 1:10 PM | Joe Hines (Administrator)

    So -- just as a heads up -- several staff members have indicated a desire to have at least half a week to a week of decompress from this event. I know that everyone here will understand.

    So if you have thoughts you want to communicate to us, please capture those thoughts in a document while they are fresh and then next week you can start sending them to us. Please check with each staff member to see if they are ready before you send it in as well (not everyone recovers at the same speed)

    Of course next week is also Thanksgiving week and then quickly it becomes the holiday season for many and dead of winter for most and life becomes busy for everyone.

    We will put out our official feedback questionnaire later this week as well.

    Amazing event, share the good stories (like you have been) and think towards the future. For now though, please allow everyone to decompress. We'll be here to hear your awesome ideas once we are done decompressing. :-)

    Again, awesome event, love you all, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • November 14, 2019 8:02 AM | Joe Hines (Administrator)

    Some reminders -- we would love to see you this weekend. But it is also going to be cold out there.

    If you are uncomfortable coming out to the event, just send an email to directors@lostcolonieslarp.com and we can hold your ticket for a future event. Our standard policy is to hold tickets over to future events no questions asked.

    For those of you who are going to be coming out, a couple of reminders.

    1) Pack extra layers and extra socks
    2) Remember to stay hydrated
    3) Get inside periodically to warm up
    4) Dressing in layers will be your best option -- costuming is great but keeping warm is better.
    5) Foam weapons hurt more when they are cold, or when you are cold -- be extra careful to pull your blows and generally slow everything down.
    6) The ground is cold -- don't lie down on it for extended periods of time -- we highly recommend instead taking a knee. Also, try to avoid running as the ground can easily be slippery.

    We are adding some more hot food options to the menu to help keep everyone warm. This event we plan to have white rice and vegetable broth available around the clock in addition to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and our normal food and snacks. Lunch on Saturday will also have warmed pulled chicken in addition to the usual fare.

  • November 05, 2019 10:51 PM | Joe Hines (Administrator)

    <<Cross Posting for Jason>>

    Rules Updates for the November Game

    First, a mea culpa. We certainly don’t intend to keep releasing rules changes this close to game, and it’s something that will change going into Year 2. We took on 3 sizable projects late in the year- the combat changes, an overhaul on the structure of the rulebook into 3 books, clearly delineated in their function, and a platform change from our old publishing platform to a new one that better lets the rules team collaborate and make edits.

    Unfortunately everything came with unforeseen costs. Combat changes required a review of nearly every recipe in the game, and structure and platform changes lead to unforeseen complications in publishing. We’re happy to report that we have worked most of the issues, but again, we apologize for the stress this might put on people and it’s something we plan on further refining in the off-season.

    The new combat changes are in, including the chart in the guild book, and I’m happy to discuss skill changes with any Military Order players. We’ve heard some of your early feedback and incorporated it- one is the small but significant change that the “Basic Training” talent gives you a free maneuver per Rest, rather than a point of Grit that can only be used for Combat Maneuvers. This should help the resource flow for heavy combatants a bit. We are currently prototyping some skills focused on Ranged Combat as well as some high-end combat skills for the dedicated combatants to replace some of the older ones that are currently absent.

    Rituals and Wands:
    We’ve gone over some of the Rituals for uses, cost, and clarity, turning some of them into Blessings that can be stored for an extended period. We’ve also taken another look at Wands in particular. We’ve changed the ritual for charging Wands to be slightly more expensive but last the entire event.

    Also, because there’s been a few conflicting rulings, Wands will now have an innate element (Except Qi), decided when they’re made, that they will fire for unless modified by the appropriate Forces Ritual or some other effect. Your Enchanted Item cards for wands should have elemental circles you can circle. For purposes of the changes, feel free to use narrative, the ingredients your item card were made from, or a destiny draw to determine what you ended up with. Going forward we’ll have it be determined based on the ingredients used.

    Rules and Spirits:
    We’ve also taken the time to drop some rules reminders and clarification text about things like the Hidden condition, Item expiration, and Spirit Tokens in particular, as well as the first bit about the mystery of Spirit Binding. Take a look if these are things you’ve ever had questions about, and if you have more questions, send them our way.

    Thanks everyone, and here’s to a great November!

    Links to the updated Rules and Guilds Book should be up right now on the website and on our Wild Apricot site.

  • September 24, 2019 2:28 PM | Joe Hines (Administrator)

    Running a larp is a labor of love and comes in many stages. First you are simply trying to get your world together, figure out what you want to run, what rules you will use, or write, and then see if anyone is interested in joining you for that crazy adventure. You'll need players, and staff, and volunteers. You'll need locations and insurance and a lawyer. You probably need costumes and props and storytellers.

    If you are lucky you'll figure out how to do all of those things and overcome the inevitable hurdles that happen along the way. Then the larp gets popular and you realize that how you did things before isn't scaling as well as it might have. That as your player base grows you need more people to be able to do things like administer the website, carry some bins to the events in their cars, or build out your monster manuals. Then it becomes about building management systems and communication and trust.

    Moving to this new website is about spreading out the work, about saving some money, about managing things versus running them. I hope you enjoy the new experience and see the value in it. Eventually it will be far better than what we had before.



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