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YMCA Camp West Mar

14509 Brown Rd, Sabillasville, MD 21780

Cell/GPS reception has been reported as everything from very good to non-existent depending upon your carrier.  Saving/printing directions and other needed information is suggested.

Site WiFi exists, though it seems to bog down when a game’s worth of people are logged on.

Network: West Mar Guest        Password: Ymca9622

Site contact (if you are lost or otherwise need to get a message to staff on site) -- because of the bad cell reception we suggest using the LC Facebook groups or Discord to contact someone. We also have a staff phone for emergencies such as this and can be reached at 571-660-8747

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events

For a complete list of events, please see our Calendar

Schedule highlights


4pm Site opens

5pm Check-in opens in Dining Hall

6pm dinner opens (closes at 9pm)

8pm (approx) game starts with briefing, lay-on to follow immediately after

Midnight (approx) game ends for the night


8am breakfast opens (closes at 10am)

10am game starts, first NPC shift starts

12:30pm lunch opens (closes at 2:30pm)

2pm second NPC shift starts

6pm dinner opens (closes at 8pm)

8pm third NPC shift starts

Midnight (approx) game ends for the night


8am breakfast opens (closes at 10am)

9am game starts, NPC shift starts

Noon (approx) game wraps

No formal post-game debrief unless otherwise announced


  • Player lodging is in cabins 2,3,4, and 5
  • Cabins are climate controlled and have electrical outlets. If you have several devices to plug in (phones, CPAP, etc.) please be considerate and bring a power strip.
  • Cabin interiors are out-of-game areas. Lost Colonies fully endorses a good night sleep and cabin raiding is not permitted.
  • Most of the cabins have bunk beds and mattresses. Each camper is responsible for bringing their own pillows, blankets, sheets/sleeping bag, and anything else you need to sleep comfortably.
  • Toilets and showers are located in a separate bathhouse (building 7), also climate-controlled. Additional toilets are in the Dining Hall and at the Pool. If there are issues with backups, etc, please notify a staff member immediately.
  • Due to bear and other animal activity, the camp does not permit food or beverages (except water) stored in the cabins. Medications, personal food items, etc, may be stored in the kitchen fridge (see “Meals” below)

Driving and Parking

  • You may drive on the gravel roads near cabins for ease of temporary off-loading of vehicles. Please minimize time parked by cabins to allow others to unload as well.  Vehicles should be parked in the general parking area during game-on times unless specifically approved by staff.
  • The main parking area is by the pool and the basketball court.  If you have mobility concerns, please talk to staff about closer parking options.  Lost Colonies prefers to minimize the number of cars visible from game space in an effort to enhance immersion.

When you arrive Friday

  • Find and claim your cabin space.
  • Check in - you will receive your character packet and any announcements at that time.
  • Finish unloading, park your vehicle in an appropriate parking lot, and finish setting up your bunk.
  • Get into costume, or NPC clothing if you have a Friday night NPC shift, and be in the dining hall at 8pm!

Kitchen Information

Rebecca and Jason are in charge of all that goes on in the kitchen.

We serve five meals: light dinner Friday evening, hot breakfast Saturday morning, lunch, Saturday feast/dinner, and a cold breakfast Sunday morning.

If you have any food allergies, concerns, restrictions, please contact us at We are happy to work with your needs if possible. We typically offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

We will try to post a general menu a week or so before the event.

You are welcome to bring your own food. Please mark it with your name. When you arrive at the site, someone in the kitchen will direct you to where you can store refrigerator items and dry goods if you have them. Please only take items marked with your name.

NO FOOD IN CABINS. There are bears at camp and they mostly stay away. Let’s not give them reason to investigate cabins. You may have water in your cabin.

Lost Colonies provides plates, utensils, and drinking vessels. Please return these items to the designated area when you are done using them. ALL DISHES, UTENSILS, AND DRINKING VESSELS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE KITCHEN BY 10 PM. This is so that we do not have to do dishes first thing in the morning. We will provide disposable cups and bowls (for snacks) from 10 pm until breakfast service begins.

Lost Colonies provides lemonade, diet iced tea, water, coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and a variety of snacks for the whole weekend.

Please try not to come into the kitchen thirty minutes before each meal unless you have a need. There can be a lot of chaos as we prepare the meal and there may be hot items or sharp items that could pose a danger if the kitchen gets too crowded. If you have a medical reason for being in the kitchen, please just say, “Medical” when you enter and we will leave you be. If you need medical assistance and you come to the kitchen, just let us know. Going through the kitchen to retrieve your food during this time is fine, just let someone know.

We keep a table for coffee/tea/hot chocolate, a table for snacks, and three coolers for cold drinks in the dining room. If we run low on something or run out, please let us know and we will refill whatever needs it.


If you work in the kitchen, please let us know. There should be a list in the KITCHEN binder for folks to fill out their name when they work in the kitchen for NPC shift, or just volunteer. This will help us make sure you get credit for your work/help.

Hours of operation:


  • 7 pm kitchen opens. 
  • 7:30 to 9:30 Dinner is served
  • 10 pm kitchen closes


  • 7 am kitchen opens
  • 7:30 hot drinks and cold drinks will be available
  • 8 am to 10 am Breakfast is served
  • 12:30 to 2:30 Lunch is served
  • 6 pm-ish to 8 pm Feast is served
  • 10 pm kitchen closes


  • 7 am kitchen opens
  • 7:30 hot drinks and cold drinks will be available
  • 8 am to 10 am Breakfast is served
  • 10 am Kitchen closes

    What to bring?

    General Packlist

    • Costuming for your character
    • NPC clothes - black pants and shirt with no logos please
    • Undergarments - enough to change so that you feel clean and comfortable
    • Socks - six pairs at least
    • Shoes - comfortable for walking even if they don't match your costume (comfort and safety before aesthetics)
    • Sleeping clothes
    • Cloak, jacket, or coat
    • Toiletries - shampoo, conditioner, soap, or shower gel, and deodorant
    • Makeup
    • Makeup remover (baby wipes work well for this)
    • Vitamins, medications, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
    • Bug spray
    • Sun screen
    • Written: List of medications, emergency contact information, contact information for people with whom you are travelling
    • Cell phone and charging cable
    • Jewelry and accessories for your character
    • Pillow and blankets/bedding for sleeping
    • Weapons and props for your character (not real weapons)
    • Notebook for taking notes and recording recipes
    • Sewing kit for emergency costume repair, safety pins are great for this
    • Any food specific to your needs

    General Notes

    • Please be ON TIME for your NPC shift. If you don’t know when your shift is, there is a schedule at Check-In and the Logistics Cabin (cabin 6)
    • Limit use of modern cursing and profanity. Consider instead more flowery language befitting our Colonial Era setting
    • Please try to keep modern looking items like plastic water bottles, food wrappers, etc. out of sight.
    • Not everyone present on site is a legal adult. Please keep this in mind.
    • No alcohol, recreational drugs, or sexual activity on site. 
    • All participants are requested to maintain a state of dress that includes covering of private parts, nipples, and bottoms.
    • You are required to wear appropriate shoes outside of your sleeping cabin.
    • Try to remain in character as much as possible - that’s the fun we’re all here for!
    • If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, contact a member of staff for assistance.  We want to help!



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